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Ye Olde Abandonnede Paddle from ye Pang!

Yes, we abandoned PANG! because it used outdated resources. Anyway, it was only a test!

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Current Development(s):

(Game coming soon)
by (Creator)

Coming soon.

The Adventure
by Johannes

The first game developed by Jukebox. A text-based game with a few bugs and glitches, including Virus Protections like Norton and Avast thinking that its not safe. Of course, Johannes may have done something wrong in the huge lines of code. It's just the thing with text-based games, they usually do that.

by Connor 

A game currently being developed by Connor. Name may become Platina RPG. We'll have that arguement later.

Current percentage of progress:



The Adventure (Episode 1)

75 - 95%





Sound Packs (by Chris and Helpers)

No sound packs yet. Sound packs may be released on iTunes for the use by payment. Also, they may be found in the files of the games.

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